How Can You Produce Carbonized Rice Hull by a Charcoal Making Machine

Rice husks, like any other biomass, are mostly rendered worthless because they are hard to get rid of. This is so because rice husks are complex to break down. They are also inefficient as compost manure since they take too long to biodegrade. Other hard plant matters that share the same properties as rice husks are coconut shells, nut shells and corn shells. These are also hard to degrade so they are mostly thrown out. But should they? Rice husk charcoal making machine has been made specifically to decompose rice husks, therefore rendering them useful.

The rice husk charcoal making machine ( is used to make efficient, high-quality charcoal from rice husks. As mentioned before, its raw material is usually considered worthless and hard to get rid of, but what people forget is it is good biomass.

The rice husk charcoal machine helps in turning its raws material into valuable high demand products. It uses carbonization and pyrolysis to turn rice husks into biochar. Biochar is typically charcoal which can be used for soil amendment. It is rich in carbon, and it is also a stable solid which can survive in the soil for many years. Biochar can also be processed further to form activated carbon.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
Rice Husk Carbonizer

Carbonization And Pyrolisis Of Biomass

Pyrolysis is the process in which organic materials, like rice husks, are chemically decomposed in high temperature without oxygen. The process occurs at temperatures above 800 Fahrenheit (). Extreme pyrolysis yields carbon residue, a process called carbonization.

The rice husk charcoal machine’s carbonization functions can be adjusted manually. Rice husks in the machine are burned to a point where they become semi-anoxic (this means they lack oxygen since the whole system has no oxygen.) The machine functions by letting oxygen escape and as you know it, oxygen aids in combustion. When oxygen is left to enter the system, the rice husks turn into ash, making the whole process useless.

Other things that escape from these husks are water, wood acetic and wood tar. Their release makes the husks turn into pure carbon. This process is convenient and easy to learn. You should note that this process can be manipulated to meet the user’s/customer’s preference.

Activated carbon has high energy, is environmentally friendly and has a good market. The machine can also be used to make activated carbon. Production of activated carbon is at an all-time high because of its large demand, high profits and wide applications. Contact the professional personnel of designing and sales of bestongroup China to get more useful info now.

Biochar Production Equipment
Biochar Making Machine

Features and functionality of the rice husk charcoal making machine:

  1. It has four major parts namely: the gasification furnace, flue gas purification system, carbonation machine, and the cooling machine.
  2. The first part of this machine is the gasification furnace; here, rice husks are burned to produce flue gas.
  3. The second part is the gas purification system. Here, flue gas passes through, and impurities such as wood tar are filtered off.
  4. The gas then goes to the fourth part which is the carbonation machine. Here, it goes through the process of combustion, and when a certain temperature is achieved some carbonized materials are introduced into the machine through pipeline transmission. This makes sure organic combustion meets the three required conditions which are organic matter, heat, and oxygen. The flue gas which is generated by the burning materials then goes back to the machine for combustion.
  5. After being purified, this makes the thermal energy of the machine constant hence it’s able to achieve continuous operation.
  6. The machine has an automatic discharging system and an automatic feeder that ensures a continuous process of carbonization, one side feeding raw materials while the other side discharging finished products. This mechanism makes the machine reach maximum production efficiency. It also saves much energy and protects the environment as the whole process is smoke-free.
  7. The central control system can usually be designed according to the request of a buyer. This means that the machine and the operator can be separated. Some are made with a protective shell that protects the operator from direct exposure to high temperatures.
  8. This machine’s temperature detection system is made for supervision of the machine’s working performance. It ensures both the operator and the rice husk biochar production machine are safe.


Advantages of using the rice husk charcoal making machine:

  • It has a continuous system that ensures high production of the charcoal to meet your demand.
  • The machine consumes little energy. Carbonization makes good use of heat making it a lesser energy user than its previous generation.
  • It is friendly to the environment. The advanced dust collector and fume filtration process ensure no smoke or dust is released to the environment.


Rice husk to charcoal machines do very good work in converting useless rice husks into useful by-product. If you have these husks at your place and you don’t know what to do with them, you can purchase this machine and make them useful once again. You could also make some good money out of the machine.  Learn more info about the benefits of using this machine now.