Ways To Profit With A Sawdust Carbonizing Machine

Machines that are able to carbonize sawdust or more common than you would imagine. People have heard of pyrolysis machines and plants that convert tires and plastic into charcoal, but they may not realize that these same machines can also use organic materials. It would stand to reason that if you are burning the charcoal, or using the biofuel that is produced, that it could come from a combustible organic product. This is exactly what you get when you are using one of these machines to convert sawdust into these products. If you happen to own a lumber mill, or something similar that is producing tons of sawdust every year, you might be able to profit from converting this sawdust into marketable combustible products.

Sawdust Carbonizing Machine
Sawdust Carbonizing Machine

What Type Of A Machine Will You Need To Have?

This type of machine you will need is called a sawdust charcoal making machine. It is also referred to as a pyrolysis machine. That is because it utilizes the pyrolysis process in the conversion of these organic materials into the biofuel and charcoal that is produced. When this burns, some people prefer the smell that is put off by the organic-based charcoal opposed to that which is made from plastic or rubber. Despite the fact that both rubber and plastic have a basis in the petroleum industry, and we do burn gas and oil, the smell is going to be much more pleasant with that which is created with sawdust.

biochar pyrolysis equipment
Biochar pyrolysis equipment

Will The Machines Have To Be Very Large?

Ideally, you should only purchase a charcoal manufacturing machine that is comparable to the amount of sawdust that you have available. In many cases, the sawdust that you are going to be processing will only be available seasonally. However, if you do own a lumber mill, it is very common for these businesses to stockpile sawdust because they are also using this for a different reason. Some of them have what is called a cogeneration plant which can use the sawdust as a fuel that can create electricity to power their lumber mill. Fortunately, many of them have too much sawdust, and they are constantly selling it to get rid of it at a very low price. That’s why converting sawdust using a sawdust carbonizing machine might be the better choice. Therefore, when you choose one of these machines, it should be comparable to how much sawdust is available at any given time of the week. If you do have a stockpile of this to work with, then installing an entire pyrolysis plant would be a good decision.

The installation of one of the biochar pyrolysis equipment will definitely help you generate more revenue for your business. If you own a lumber mill, or if you just have access to sawdust regularly, you certainly want to invest in one of them. For those that only have intermittent access to this type of sawdust, perhaps a smaller machine would be apropos. It just depends on how much sawdust you have available, and how many people will be able to purchase your charcoal and biofuels. Using these considerations, you should be able to find and purchase a good sawdust carbonizing machine.